Reclaim Lasting Trust and Connection in Your Marriage

When couples struggle with a compulsive sexual behavior it is common to experience a vast array of symptoms in relationships including; fear, loss of trust, insecurity, and a general lack of connection with those they love. Because these feelings are uncomfortable and in many cases extremely painful many couples/ families develop a strong sense of helplessness and hopelessness in relationships.

While feelings of discouragement are common, they need not hold you and your ability to connect hostage.  When all parties involved are willing to work on their own recovery it is possible to re-establish trust in relationships, experience deeper connection in relationships, and find hope in the future.

The process to save a marriage involves a heavy dose of humility, patience, intensive effort, and appropriate boundaries from both parties over a long period of time. When each partner becomes dedicated to working their own form of individual recovery it establishes new principles for living that lay the foundation for a stronger connection and deeper sense of trust than most couples thought possible.

Cedar Point counseling understands the relational intricacies that are involved in sexually compulsive behavior.  Start your journey today!


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